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Instructions for Cue Sheets

Welcome to the Black Gold Cloggers cue sheet page. Cue sheets are posted as .pdf  files and will require the Adobe Acrobat Reader® program to view them. If you do not have it you can download it at Free Adobe Download Reader.  (Note: By clicking on Free Adobe Reader Download link, you will leave the Black Gold site.  Black Gold does not endorse nor is responsible for the content of the linked website).  Dances will be added to this page as needed.

To view, print, or download cue sheets, click on the dance title.

Dance list last updated: 05-12-23.
If a dance you would like is not listed, email Regina.

How To Read A Cue Sheet

To see typical abbreviations used on cue sheets, click here. 

NOTE: This site works best in Google Chrome. In Safari and Firefox, the columns of the list of dances may not always line up properly. 

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        Dance                                        Level      Choreographer

beginner dances



Easy Intermediate Dances



Intermediate Dances




American Kids A Kellee Ramirez
Fancy Like A John Habash
Misery A Eric Bice
Must Be Love A Kellee Ramirez
The Way To Your Heart A Michele Hill
Toss The Feathers A Andy Howard 


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christmas dances



Clogging Steps



Next Demo

 Date last update 05-26-2023  

These are the dances for our next demo. They are in demo order. 

  1. Honey I'm Good
  2. Woman Up
  3. Cake By The Ocean
  4. Chattachoochee
  5. Feel It
  6. Miracles
  7. Do It Like This
  8. Shake it Off 
  9. Casey Jones          


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